Bridal makeup styles for your dutch wedding

Bridal Makeup

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The Dutch weddings are mostly held in European style and so your Big wedding day will mostly include a beautiful white gown paired with a tuxedo.  It’s only natural for every bride to want and keep everything ready for her big day prior only as she would want nothing to go wrong! That means your makeup and hairstyle should also be set for your big day beforehand only.

In any case, based on your Gown style, you should plan your makeup look ahead of time so that you are fully prepared to achieve your desired look for the wedding. It’s best to start with your beautiful wedding gown and then plan your look for the day. This will assist you in achieving the ideal look for your Gown style. Hey, it’s just a thought. You’re the ultimate authority figure 😉

Here are a few bridal make-up styles to help you achieve the ideal look for your wedding.

THE ALL NATURAL LOOK- Natural bridal makeup includes a sleek look with natural base colour tones and then adds a little bit of contrast to the eyes or blush. If your dress allows it, it’s best to let your hair down in a beautiful braid for this look. However, if you’re wearing a low-cut dress that demands attention, it’s best to tie your hair up in a beautiful bun that complements your natural look.

Just a friendly recommendation: for this look, you should wear a beautiful long veil.

SMOKEY BRIDAL MAKEUP- If you like a bold smokey eye, this is the look for you. Smokey eye makeup, as the name implies, consists of dark eyeshadow and eyeliner blended into lighter eyeshadow to create a “smokey” effect. This can range from the smooth and soft blending of shades to smudging that appears to be from sleeping in my makeup. This look works best with a light puffy bun hairstyle. It is best to keep your hairstyle elegant and simple so that the focus of the evening falls on your beautiful smokey eyes while your hairstyle compliments your appearance.

VINTAGE QUEEN- If you’ve always wanted to be a princess for your wedding, then this one’s for you. Picture a long gown, open perms or braided buns, a low cut front, and a ball gown waistline. Doesn’t that sound ideal? Do you know what could be a more perfect complement to this? A beautiful vintage look that is timeless. The vibrant reds used as blush and lip colour always distinguish a perfect vintage look.

Be careful with your Gown colour for this one. It’s best if you notify your salon stylists ahead of time so they can advise you on the dos and don’ts.

THE PERFECT MATTE LOOK- Brides who wear matte wedding makeup look more demure. This makeup preserves the natural texture of the skin while illuminating it under bright halogen lights. Matte makeup is without a doubt the most effective way to achieve that flawless porcelain finish on your skin. Going matte can help to ensure that your makeup stays in place for an extended period of time, even if you don’t use it frequently. The best part is that the make-up looks good on all hairstyles. Woohoo!

HD MAKEUP LOOK – Wedding stress can cause breakouts and pimples. HD makeup ensures that all of your uneven skin tone and blemishes are covered most elegantly and flawlessly possible. Not only that, but it also makes your skin look natural and enhances your features.

You’ll look stunning on your wedding day regardless, that’s a guarantee. However, you should run your look by your trusted experts who will be doing your makeup ahead of time so that they can recommend the best makeup for your dress and skin type. Best wishes!

on Mon Jan 17 2022

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