Bedheads: best treatments and suggestive tips


The worst way to start the day is with bedheads! Have you ever gotten up in the morning, all giddy and excited for a meeting with friends or peers, and ran your hands through your hair, only to discover that one portion of it just won’t settle? Isn’t it a total downer?

If you’re not sure what a bedhead is, imagine your hair denying to cooperate with your comb and refusing to settle in any direction you try. It’s a circumstance that makes you believe your hair has its own mind… Arghhhh!!

Most of us face this issue some time or the other. In this article, we will be suggesting a few tips and treatments that will best help to keep your bedhead situations on a curb. 

DRY HAIR MIGHT BE THE BEST IDEA– There’s nothing like a relaxing evening shower before going to bed! It’s all good and peaceful until the next day when you realise you slept with damp hair, your hair is now permanently glued in the position you slept in, and it’s too late to fix it! If you’re a woman, it’s even more of a nuisance.

Wet hair can quickly form shapes if left in the same position for a long period, therefore sleeping with dry hair is a simple method to avoid this whole facade.

USE SILK PILLOWS- Silk pillows are a fantastic choice for a variety of reasons! They’re mild on the skin as well as the hair. Did you know that using silk pillows reduces the likelihood of your hair becoming tangled or sticky, causing bedheads? So, if you don’t have a silk pillowcase, now is the time to get one!

Mesh Caps- Mesh caps are another must-have accessory that aids in the prevention of bedheads. All you have to do is put them on before going to bed, and you won’t have to worry about waking up with crazy tangled hair that requires heat to pin down!

Figuring how to treat worst-case scenarios in bedheads? Here it is:

CAN YOU RELY ON THEM COMBS? YES Absolutely! It’s not a terrible idea to comb your hair before going to bed so that it’s tangle-free and doesn’t become sticky causing a morning mess! If it doesn’t work and you end up with a bedhead, dampen your comb and gently push those resistant hairs down. A dampened comb can be your masked hero in minor cases of bedheads, but if the condition is considerably worse, you may need to try something else. 

We’ll, if a Damp comb doesn’t do it for you then here are a few treatments that can help you right out of that messy bedhead situation: 

APPLYING A PRE-STYLER– A pre-styler is a product that helps maintain healthy hair by locking in moisture before it is styled. Apply pre-styler after you’ve coaxed your hair with a damp comb. Take care not to apply too much, as too much of anything is never beneficial.

If you’re still suffering from a bedhead, it’s time to get creative, fellas!

TIME TO STYLE- Apply heat to your hair with a curler, straightener, or blow dryer to put the record straight. All of your problems should be readily solved by using heat. However, you should use professional hair styling products and tools because cheap products can quickly harm your hair.

FINAL STEP- Hairspray. Why stop now? if you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a good hair to finish? It’s only right to finish the process and take your game to the next level. Hairspray is typically utilized to give your style a slick finish. It will help you get rid of your bedhead by settling your hair into the form you created while styling them. You wouldn’t have to worry about going outside and having the wind blow your hair back to the tangle it was in the morning!

So, Don’t worry about those bedheads and rock your day with confidence.

on Thu Jan 13 2022

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