It’s amazing to see how the Dutch have always given more importance to their beautiful lifestyles and culture. The world has always taken inspiration from the Netherlands’ beauty. But it’s not always been easy to maintain charm in the Netherlands, now has it? To maintain Dutch beauty is no joke as the weather here is very unpredictable. 

So, needless to say, if in the Netherlands, along with the numerous lifestyle traits, there are also certain beauty trends that you must continue to follow even in the year 2022 to maintain your glamour. 

This article contains 5 such beauty trends that you need to follow from the previous year:

Hot spas and oil massages  The weather now in the Netherlands calls for some hot baths and oil massages by a professional. Just by mentioning it, one can imagine the relaxation it would give! If you are wondering how this is a beauty trend then let me tell you that oil massages and spas have numerous good effects on the body. They are considered as one of the best ways to maintain one’s beauty.  Having a hot oil massage or a spa can decrease stress making one look more rejuvenated and refreshed. It also makes the skin soft and plump. I could go on about this one but I think you got the gist of it. So, don’t skip spa days and oil massages my friends!

Applying moisturiser-: Applying moisturizer is a very important beauty trait that one must carry even in 2022 as the weather in the Netherlands always calls out for some moisturiser.

Did you know that moisturiser is not only to be applied during winters but should be applied throughout the year? Of course, the type of moisturiser will differ from season to season but it’s a good beauty trend to follow which can keep you soft and plumpy year long 😉

Getting groomed-  It would be a perfect time now to go into the “New Year New Me” mode. Trying out new shades, styles and new haircuts is something one should follow for all the years to come. But be aware, applying new shades and colours to your hair can be best advised by professionals only. So, Don’t worry and make a day out of it to pamper yourself and go to your favourite salon and get a new look that you have so longed for. 

Get your wardrobe makeover- Changing wardrobe is a beauty trend that doesn’t contain any expiry date. Trying out new colours and styles in both your wardrobe and your hair can give you a good energy boost for this new year. For your wardrobe change, you can simply try new and quirky colours that you were reluctant to wear. I mean there is always a first time for everything, and who knows maybe you’ll love them! 

Don’t forget your self-care routine- Pamperings should be continued throughout your life whether you are male/ female, old/ young. A facial, mani-pedi or even a simple makeover can boost your confidence and can leave your body re-energised.

So, if you wanna look dazzling always, these are some of the top beauty trends that you must follow for the years to come.

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