Manicure is the best self-pampering activity

Manicure is the best self-pampering activity


The beauty of the Netherlands is its climate, its beauty and its beautiful people. Even the nature here takes it’s course and pampers itself with moderate rainfall from time to time to keep it’s beauty evergreen. So, as nature takes its turn to self-care in the Netherlands, it’s only safe to say that you should too!

Ever had days when you’re just so tired of everything and need a break? What better than just taking a pause and having a self pamper session? 


2021- A complete rollercoaster of emotions, stress, doubts and whatnot. Let your 2022 start on a note to yourself that “Taking care of yourself will always be more important than any other activity that you do.”


In this article, we will be explaining how manicure is the best self-pampering activity and how you deserve this pampering. Before we start, if you’re wondering of a DIY Manicure and weather if it can make you feel relaxed then this one’s for you, My friend!  


With all the articles on DIY manicures, one can never master the essence of manicure just by doing it at home! It will take you years to master the art but the essence of having a relaxing manicure will be gone by then because you will be doing your own manicure.  

A good manicure session not just consists of the process but the soothing effects it has on the body and not to forget the presence of a professional who you trust.  

Besides, the perfect self-pampering therapy would be if you just had to relax at the comfort of your favourite salon, listen to your favourite music and relax while your trusted salon experts did their magic on your hands. 

And let me be clear fellas, EVERYONE and by that I mean EVERYONE deserves a soothing manicure. Here’s why: 

OVERALL NAIL HEALTH- Manicures include a deep cleaning of nails which mean that your old dead skin cells are removed from near your nails and room is given for new ones to grow. This helps in smooth soft skin and overall nail hygiene.  

SOOTHING MASSAGE- Who here doesn’t feel relaxed while getting massages? Manicures usually involve hand massages. These are proven best to increase blood circulation and relax sore muscles which become sluggish and tight during the cold weather of the Netherlands. A good massage can also help release stress and generate happy hormones which should be the outcome of every self-care session.

INCREDIBLY RELAXING- Manicures and pedicures are incredibly relaxing. They pave way for time to be enjoyed by just you and can have therapeutic effects. Just do anything you like while exerts do their best work of getting you as relaxed as possible all the while cleaning and maintaining your beauty. It could be your time to think, to read or to just listen to your favourite music while your nails are done.  

Plus, manicures also improve the aesthetic appearance of your hands and so can make you feel good after the manicure session is done. 

Now, wouldn’t you agree that getting a manicure from your favourite salon can indeed be the best self-pampering activity?

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