How to deal with skin-tan naturally

One can avoid anything but go out. Be it meeting your friends, shopping or going for a walk. After a year of the Pandemic, all you’d want to do is step out of your house once in a while. Here, you can’t avoid that scorching sun heat, and surely can’t afford to get your energy drained and tanning your skin. There’s no escape to this! Excessive radiation and sun exposure darken your skin colour and result in the tanning of your skin. Penetrating to lower levels of the epidermis, UVA rays trigger cells to produce melanin. This melanin, the brown colour skin pigment, causes tanning of your skin.

How to deal with skin-tan naturally

But is this skin tan permanent? Can’t it heal and you get back your normal skin? Or is there any solution to this? Fortunately, a skin tan is never permanent. Our skin keeps on exfoliating over time so the skin tan heals itself. But once your skin is tanned, you may also have premature ageing, chances of skin cancer, eye damage and suppressed immune system. Hence it is extremely important to be alert and take precautions. People try and experiment with different home remedies but mostly it is also not sufficient. A proper skincare routine and usage of correct products are extremely important.

Here are some remedies to get rid of skin-tan fast!

The best you can do is avoid going out in the sun rays. But that’s impossible. Hence, use at least shades, apply SPF50 Sunscreen Lotion, lip balm and eye cream. Apply sunscreen whenever you go out. Drink lots of water so as to ensure skin remains hydrated. Follow a proper skin-care routine before applying makeup or going for any beauty treatments at salons.

Benefits of SPF

If you don’t take care of your skin, who else will? Your skin is your best investment. Skin radiates happiness. Hence, skincare is crucial. But using just anything without sufficient knowledge can further deteriorate your skin. Products acknowledged by dermatologists and experts always work. So ensure when you visit a salon for a spa, facial or hair scalp treatment, you check if the products suit your body. Ask the salon experts the general questions pertaining to your skin tone and what products or ingredients do not suit you. A good way to know more about your skin is by visiting any online website to check your skin type by taking a few questionnaire quizzes. Once you are aware of your type, you would be comfortable in experimenting with new and upcoming product remedies for making your face glow, lips radiant and eyelashes perfect.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. You are your own best company and your looks represent you wherever you go. So take good care of it. Look your best wherever you go.

Skin Tan is natural, but de-tanning is your choice

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